Director of Presidential Liaison Office (1958 to 1963)
(The first Vietnamese Special Forces Commander)
Giám Đốc Sở Liên Lạc, Phủ Tổng Thống

Assasinated at the order of General Mai Huu Xuan
during November 1963 coup d'etat, his family was not
even allowed to receive his body for a proper burial.
source: CIA Director William Colby, an Oral History (Interview)

A close friend of CIA Saigon-Station Chief William Colby, Colonel Le Quang Tung, his
brother Major Le Quang Trieu, President Ngo Dinh Diem, Advisor Ngo Dinh Nhu,
and Navy Colonel Ho Tan Quyen were murdered after 
CIA Lou Conien confirmed with several ARVN Generals that they had
the "green light" by a prematurely dispatched (not yet reviewed/approved) cable to Saigon
despite virtually all of CIA's senior officers -- including O/NE's Sherman Kent,
DDP Far East Division Chief William Colby, senior DDI officers H. D. Sheldon
and R. Jack Smith, DDCI Marshall S. Carter, and, most important,
Deputy Chief of Intelligence Agency (DCI) John McCone --
continued to urge caution about the idea of overthrowing Diem.
source: Review: CIA Judgments U.S. policy on overthrowing President Diem

Colonel Tung was survived by his wife and 8 young children.











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