Salute to Biet Kich Nha Ky Thuat and MACV-SOG Commandos, 
who dare to go forth to free the oppressed.





MACV-SOG awarded Presidential Unit Citation


Strategic Technical Directorate & MACV-SOG
brothers-in-arms, stories of RT-Idaho by John Meyer.

Strategic Technical Directorate (STD) Re-Union in 1995, 20 years later
Colonel Ngo The Linh re-united with his former STD Commandos. 



1969, tuyên dương công trạng trước Quân Đội, Trung Tá Ngô Thế Linh

nguyên Chỉ Huy Trưởng Sở Pḥng Vệ Duyên Hải, Nha Kỹ Thuật,

Bộ Tổng Tham Mưu, Quân Lực Việt Nam Cộng Ḥa.


Colonel Ngo The Linh, Commander of  Special Mission Service (So Cong Tac - Nha Trang)  awarded a 
Cross of Gallantry to MACV-SOG Thomas Waskovich (One-Zero Recon Team South Carolina). 
Article on One-Zero Thomas Waskovich  PART I  and  PART II


 MACV-SOG The Legacy



Major Ngô Thế Linh, Chief of Special Branch in Thailand, 1964.

Presidential Liaison Office (PLO) officers and U.S. Army Special Forces Captain Don Fendler
(at right) at Khe Sanh in fall 1961. Fendler was assigned as an adviser to the PLO's
 1st Observation Group by the Military Assistance Advisory Group, Vietnam.

Major Ngo The Linh parachuted, Đà Nẵng, 1964

Coastal Security Service Commanding Officers, Đà Nẵng 1964 
(Left to right: unknown, Captain Trương Duy Tài - Sea Commandos Chief,
Captain Lâm Nhật Ninh - Sea Commandos Commander,
Major Ngô Thế Linh - Coastal Security Services Commander, 
2nd Lieutenant Trần Kim Khánh - Major Linh's Attache')

(by 1975, Lieutenant Colonel Truong commanded Special Mission Service Group 68,
while Lieutenant Colonel Tran commanded Liaison Service - CCC/CCS Loi Ho in Komtum)

Nha Ky Thuat (STD) and MACV-SOG regular dinner meeting in 1966.
L to R:  unknown LTC, Lieutenant Colonel Ngo The Linh (CSS Commander, partially blocked by the waiter), 
Colonel Tran Van Ho (STD Chief),  Colonel Jack Singlaub (SOG Chief),  Major George Gaspard (OP34), 
unknown STD Liaisons Officer, and his close friend:  Lieutenant Colonel Robert McKnight (OP34 Chief).

Mr. William Colby (Saigon Station Chief ) talking to So Bac 'long-term' agents before their mission to the North. 
Captain Ngo The Linh worked with Mr. William Colby from 1958 to 1964 commanding this covert operation. 
He was Chief of 45B Bureau - Special Branch (Truong Phong 45B, So Lien Lac, Phu Tong Thong).

Northern Service  long-term agents (So Phong Ve Duyen Hai) in Da Nang.
Team BULL Leader - Northern Service, Mr. Nguyen Duc Nhon is far left in the front row.
Commanded by Colonel Linh, agents were inserted North by PT Boats or by C-46 transport. 
Special Branch and SOG inserted more than 500 agents in North Vietnam from 1958 to 1970. 

Agent and Commando training facility, Camp Long Thanh.

Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang stay-behind agent network.

CSS - So Phong Ve Duyen Hai  Nasty boats commanders trained with 
American Seals at Tien Sa Commando Training site, Da Nang, in 1964. 
American never went on these missions to avoid confrontation with China.

Paradise island - SOG's secret Psy-Op for Sacred Sword Patriot League
to detain and interrogate North Vietnamese prisonners captured
by Sea Commandos raids from 1964 through 1972.

Click for full-size version

Biet Hai (Sea Commandos webpage)

SPVZH (CSS) PT Boats.  Lieutenant Colonel Ngo The Linh was in charge of these
Swift & Nasty PTF boats to insert agents and launch attack missions from Da Nang. 
American flags were still on the newly arrived boats. 
Three PTFs were charging full-speed ahead in a demonstration.

C-46 (later C-47s were used) transport plane to drop supply, Psywar material, leaflets, 
pre-tuned radios, listening devices, as well as parachuting long-term agents and commandos. 

A Commando team member being decorated by Colonel Ngo The Linh.

 Since 1959, agents and commando teams have crossed Parallel 17th on hundred secret missions:
Team Ares in 1961 near Cam Pha, team Tourbillon in 1962 near Hoa Binh, team Easy 1963 near Son La, 
team Eagle in 1964 at Muc Nam Quan near China border, team Romeo in 1965 near Dong Hoi, 
team Hadley in 1966 near Ha Tinh and team Red Dragon in 1967 Lao Cay Yen Bai near China border.
By 1967, Northern Service and Sog had 9 surviving teams and 112 agents in the enemy's heartland operating. 

Noise-suppressed Helicopter carrying  Strata Commandos (Special Mission Service - So Cong Tac)
from Nakhon Phanom (NKP) Thailand secret airbase for 45 minutes flight to North Vietnam insertion site. 

Up to 15 man teams on 15-30 day missions just north of DMZ (Parallel 17). 
In thirteen months since 1968, 26 teams were inserted North to sabotage, 
capture prisoners, planting mines, listening devices, and distributing psyop materials. 
SMS Commandos based in Da Nang and Long Thanh under the Command of Colonel Ngo The Linh. 

Skyhook, to rescue downed pilots or to pick up commandos
deep from inside enemy territory using airplane at higher attitude

Nha Ky Thuat and MACVSOG Recon Teams (RTs) operated from Da Nang (CCN),
Nha Trang (CCC), and Komtum (CCS) on missions along Ho Chi Minh trail deep inside Laos border. 

Colonel Linh commanded Special Mission Service (SMS) from 1970 through 1972.

Click for full-size version

1971 New Year, Liaison Service (CCS) greeting card, the Year of the Pig.

Operation Tailwind, Hatchet Force Recon Team boarded plane for missions in Laos.
The Thunder Tiger - Liaisons Service Commandos (Biet Kich Loi Ho) fought side by side with 
MACV-SOG 5th Special Forces in CCN/CCC/CCS, Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Komtum.

Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos, MACV-SOG and STD focus since 1962 with
hundreds of Recon missions each year.  B-52 bomb craters along the trail. 

Recon team extracted by H-34 helicopter  (the famous King Bee 219 Air Squadron)  under enemy fire.
Deep inside Laos, behind enemy line, these top-secret missions were extremely dangerous. 

Leghorn, a SOG top secret radio relay outpost on a Laotian mountain top. 

Lieutenant Colonel Tran Ba Tuan
decorated Biet Hai and Navy personnel after
a succesful sea commando raid to North Vietnam

Biet Hai (sea commandos) and U.S. advisors
after a successful mission - displaying a captured NLF flag.

Major Taylor, a very well-known Biet Hai's Advisor

Sea Commando (Biet Hai) and U.S. Advisors

Sea Commando (Biet Hai) in action

Sea Commando (Biet Hai) in action

Sea Commando (Biet Hai) insertion

Air patrol above Da Nang base

Studies & Observation Group (SOG) Officers

Biet Hai (sea commandos) and U.S. advisors
dynamited fresh fishes for CSS Chief welcoming party.

American MACSOG and CSS Personnel - Cu Lao Cham 1967.

MACV-SOG & Nha Ky Thuat commandos

The Lost Commandos

But in late 1972, as the Paris peace talks convened, clothing and food improved for the captured commandos. Word spread among them that all prisoners of war would be released under the emerging treaty. On Jan. 27, 1973, the cease-fire agreement was signed by the United States, South Vietnam and North Vietnam, calling for the return of prisoners of war within 60 days. Although almost 600 U.S. POWs were released, the commandos, some of whom had been in the same prisons as the Americans-were not. In protest, scores of them staged a series of hunger strikes that were mercilessly broken up by prison guards armed with clubs and dogs.

At the negotiating table in Paris, the United States might not have been in any position to ask for the release of the commandos. "How could you ask for them?" Andrade asks. "These were not supposed to be United States teams, and you would not want to disclose your collusion in a secret operation. Even if we were involved in the training and the missions, it was (South Vietnamese) President Nguyen Van Thieu's job to ask for them." 


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