Past organized event posting

(Please DO NOT send money, address has been changed)

Fund Raising Event for 
Viet Nam Disabled Veterans

Tổng Hội Cựu Sinh Viên Sĩ Quan 
Liên Trường Vơ Khoa Thủ Đức - Nam Định

When Saigon fell into the hands of the North Vietnamese Communists, the South Vietnamese Armed Forces had lost more than 230,000 soldiers killed in action, more than 300,000 others wounded with permanent 30 percent disability, several thousands missing in action. About 3,000 to 4,000 are suffering blindness or amputation of one to four limbs, classified as "100 percent disability" by the former South Vietnamese Veterans Ministry. They fought and died and got wounded for 16 years as soldiers of a republic. They were not cowards as portrayed in some slanderous reports during the Vietnam War. 

The Tong Hoi Cuu SVSQ Thu Duc-Nam Dinh or the General Association of Former Cadets of the Reserve Officers Schools in Nam Dinh & Thu Duc founded and organized by former Colonel Ngo The Linh. 

In the past 4 years, the Association and Colonel Ngo The Linh had organized Musical Events and continually raised fund in the communities to help our forgotten ARVN disabled Veterans. The Thu Duc-Nam Dinh Association had received contributions close to $40,000 through these events, and the money was sent to more than 500 recipients, plus 22 wheelchairs and a large number of crutches to ARVN veterans who lost a leg or both. 

Past organized event posting

(Please DO NOT send money, address has been changed)

The late Chairman of the Association, former Colonel Ngo The Linh, was in charge of this program. Mr. Ngo passed away last year on February 25th, 1999. In his memory, his friends, former ARVN Officers and Soldiers, and volunteers are organizing a luncheon to raise fund for South Vietnamese DISABLED VETERANS. 

Please call the above phone number or Mr. Cao Thien Chanh (after 7PM at 408-225-8474) to reserve your seat at this luncheon. In the event that you can not attend, donation can still be made to the above address, payable to: Tong Hoi Cuu SVSQ Thu Duc-Nam Dinh, in the memo, please write: Quy Thuong Phe Binh.

Your presence and donation will show your support to the General Association in the most meaningful gesture of sending money, wheelchairs, and crutches to our most unfortunate heroic soldiers of the former South Vietnam Army. 

San Jose, February 17th, 2000 

Association Representative,
former Colonel Cao Thien Chanh
Tel: (408) 297-6080,  Fax: (408) 297-4874


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