Long Live Việt Nam


You have never lived, until you have almost died.
For those who fight for it,
life has a flavor that the protected will never know!

De Oppresso Liber.

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those who sacrificed so much so that others may live in Freedom.


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256.  Name: Thinh
Sent: 17.45 - mon 29 dec 2003

May they all rest in peace. To quoc ghi on. Anh hung tu khi hung bat tu.

Our Nation will always remember you. The Hero died but Heroic Spirit lives on.

255.  Name: Jame Bond
Hometown: USA
Sent: 20.34 - sat 27 dec 2003

TO QUOC GHI ON!!! Tat ca cac Chien Si da va dang nam xuong cho cho Que Huong Viet Nam. Cam On anh Hung da bo nhieu tam huyet de dung le website nay. Dat nuoc roi day se can nhung nhan tai nhu anh, sau khi CONG SAN sup do. 

"Mua danh ba van, ban danh chi co ba dong", con dan luon ghi nho cong on nhung nguoi con yeu cua dat nuoc nhu: Le Van Hung, Nguyen Khoa Nam, Tran Van Hai, Pham van Phu, Ngo The Linh....va con nhieu nua. Xin cac ngai hay phu ho cho que huong Viet Nam som thoat ach thong tri cua loai qui do (Cong San Viet Nam).

"Sinh Vi Tuong, Tu vi Than"
Viet Nam muon nam.

Our Nation will always remember you !!! All those Heroes who laid down their lives for Motherland Viet Nam. Thank you Mr. Hung for your effort in making this website. Our country will need people with talents like you, after the fall of the communist.

"Buying fame costs thirty thousands, selling out the name often brings only three." Our people will always remember these beloved sons of Motherland: Le Van Hung, Nguyen Khoa Nam, Tran Van Hai, Pham Van Phu, Ngo The Linh... and many many more. We pray to your spirits to guide and support in over-throwning the communist oppression in Vietnam by these red devils.

"In life, you were Generals, in Death, you are Deities."
Long Live Viet Nam.

254.  Name: Quan Tran
Hometown: Melbourne
Sent: 05.10 - mon 22 dec 2003

Thành thật ngưỡng mộ việc làm của quư Anh Chị đóng góp cho trang Web này. Đây là một tài liệu quư giá cho con cháu chúng ta mai sau. Thành Kính

Sincerely admire your effort and contribution in making this website. It is an invaluable information source for our children and for future generations. Respectfully,

253.  Name: C. L. Pearse
Homepage: http://bestpricegoing.com
Sent: 15.12 - tue 2 dec 2003

A Salute to all who served, in or out of combat zones.
Service date: 1962-1966

252.  Name: Timothy
Homepage: http://www.the-garage.net
Hometown: Santafe, New Mexico
Sent: 00.07 - fri 28 nov 2003

My Father -
Served in Vung Tao as the captain of mash unit. I'm a professional media producer and I'm very proud after investigating and realizing the sacrifices he made and the knowledge that he put forth to save people of all color. He alway said to me and my brother - that he hoped that we would not have to experience the same brutality of war that he did. I just received over 1000 + pictures of his service in Vietnam & the pictures have instilled in me the caring and unsided patriotism for human beings that he exhibited. 
Great site and many blessings to you and yours.
Timothy Harman

251.  Name: Ngoc Nguyen
Hometown: HUE- Viet Nam
Sent: 22.18 - sun 16 nov 2003

Tu lu'c ra^t be', toi da duoc nghe nhieu ve Luc Luong Dac Biet va nhung mission cua ho thi toi da co nhie^u` cam? tinh` va cam? phuc. Sau nay` qua cai duyen quen bie^t voi con cua -dai ta' Linh. Tiec thay chua kip gap nguoi chien sy dang yeu nay` thi ong da ra di, cung may qua web site nay toi da co co+ ho^i hieu biet that tan tuong ve hoat dong cua Nha Ky Thuat. O noi day toi cung tim thay nhieu tai lieu va hinh anh qui gia ve cuoc tham sat Mau Than 1968, noi ma nguoi anh trai cua toi da bi chon song voi 4000 oan hon dan Hue.

Toi thanh that kinh can nghieng minh truoc vong hon cua Dai Ta Linh voi nhung loi tri an chan thanh nhat.

Toi cung xin cam on anh Ngo Xuan Hung da bo nhieu cong suc de thanh lap va giu+~ gin 1 web site rat co nhieu tai lieu qui gia. Toi da dung nhung tai lieu nay de gio thieu den nhung nguoi ban ngoai quoc cung nhu+ 14 -du+a chau' trong gia -dinh chung toi va nhung lop tre Viet Nam khac -dang muon tim ve nguon goc va lich su va vai tro cua nguo linh VNCH trong cuoc chien Viet Nam.

Toi mong chung ta nen gioi theiu trang web nay` den nhung nguoi ban My va ban ngaoi quoc khac de ho hieu that ro la`: Chien Tranh Viet Nam khong chi? co su+ hy sinh mat mat cua nguoi binh sy~ Hoa Ky` va dong minh ma la mot su chien dau anh dung cua ca trieu nguoi linh VNCH trong cuoc chien.

Since the time I was very young, I have heard a lot about Vietnamese Special Forces and their missions and have admired and grew fond of them. In recent years, I had the fortune of knowing Colonel Linh's children. Regretfully, I have not had the chance to meet this admirable officer then he passed away. Thru this website, I have an opportunity to know in more detail on Strategic Technical Doctorate. From this site, I have found many historical and valuable pictures on Hue Massacre (Tet Mau Than) 1968, when my older brother was buried alive with more than 4,000 innocent Hue residents.

I sinrecely pay respect and tribute to Colonel Linh with my most sincere gratitude.

I also would like to thank Mr. Ngo Xuan Hung for spending much time to create and maintain this website with so much valuable information. I have already introduced this site to many of my American friends as well as my 14 nieces and nephews and other younger Vietnamese generation - those who want to find their roots, study history, and understand the heroic roles the ARVN soldiers had during the Vietnam War.

I wish that we introduce this website to our American and other foreign friends so they can understand clearly that: beside the sacrifice and lost the American GI's and Allied soldiers, Vietnam War was a fight of over a million of brave and heroic Army of Republic of Viet Nam (ARVN) soldiers.

250.  Name: A Son of Dai Viet
Hometown: New York
Sent: 12.54 - wed 12 nov 2003

I would like to express my sincere gratitude toward the website's great effort in accumulating various invaluable materials about the Vietnam War and many Vietnamese heroes, especially the late President Ngo Dinh Diem. May President Diem rest in peace and be embraced by love of his Christ. As many other Dai Viet sons and daughters, I wish President Diem happiness and free of suffering.

In my humble opinion, let me borrow a conversational excerpt between Mary Gimbel and President Kennedy to sum up what I think – I believe that many would feel the same way – about President Diem: “President Diem and Advisor Ngo Dinh Nhu were not dictators. Despite under extreme difficult situation, they did what best for their country!” The common mistakes that many scholars have in writing about President Diem are: (1) they use obsolete, biased, inaccurate, and dishonest information; and (2) they use hindsight without taking into account the circumstances that surrounded Vietnam at the time.

As more and more confidential materials have been disclosed by the US government, ARVN generals and officials, and even the Vietnamese Communist government, more light has gradually been shed to bring back the truth to many mysterious critical elements of the Vietnam War. For a long time, the truth about the Vietnam War has been ridiculously distorted by the US media, many former US high-ranking officials, the Vietnamese Communist government former, and sadly, ARVN officers and officials. Usually, there is only one common theme about the Vietnam War that has been played over and over again like an old broken record to justify why the US lost the war, to sooth the American guilt of killing women and children, and to impose blame onto the people of South Vietnam. This theme normally consists of three parts. First, the Vietnamese communists had a tremendous amount of will power to oust the foreigners that include the French, the Japanese and finally the Americans to gain back the sovereignty for the whole Vietnam. Second, all of the US administrations, from Roosevelt, to Kennedy, to Johnson, to Nixon, made many fatal mistakes and ill-advised decisions in NOT supporting such a patriotic genius like Ho Chi Minh, but instead supporting a religious-freak, incompetent, corrupted dictator Ngo Dinh Diem, and many incompetent and corrupted generals thereafter. The fact that Ho Chi Minh strongly believed in the US principle by paraphrasing the US Declaration of Independence in announcing his country’s proclaimed independence in 1945 and begged the Americans for support to oust the French colonialists proves that he was not a true communist at heart and that he openly denounced the control that the Soviet Union might have had upon his administration. He had to finally utilize his last resort by turning to the Soviet Union for support because he had been turned down by the Americans whom he had most admired. In addition, he cleverly played a delicate chess game with the big bully China to receive its support to gain back the independence for his people despite the constant threat reminiscent from the historical conflict and oppression by this neighbor that his motherland had had to endure for the past 1000 years. The reason why Ho Chi Minh declared the liberation of the south is because Ngo Dinh Diem broke the Geneva Agreement. Here goes the commencement of the Vietnam War. Finally, the US was the main player that fought the war. The South Vietnamese were indifferent about the war. The ARVN were highly corrupted and embarrassingly incompetent. As a result, the communists won.

Despite being agonized with anger and sadness, I feel very sorry for the naïveté and ignorance possessed by these so-called Vietnam War experts from the Western civilization. Among ourselves, we do know that they are lies. However, what good will it do in restoring the truth if our opinions are not widely voiced to the rest of world outside our community, especially in the Universities, newspaper, prestigious magazines such as Time, Newsweek, etc. The voice of the forgotten people – South Vietnamese in particular and Vietnamese who embrace freedom and democracy in general – has been suppressed for a long period of time. It is now the time for us, young and old, to step up. We all must provide more encouragement and less criticism to the people who intimately participated in the Vietnam War to come forward with more evidence about the Vietnam War. With the guidance from the old generation and many disclosed information, we the younger generations will speak out to restore the truth that our parents, brothers, and sisters did not have a chance to express. It is a struggle! It should start from every class room in the Universities and every article of a newspaper or magazine. We must generate more websites such as this one to provide more information to everybody. We must construct more literatures such as books and articles at least in both English and Vietnamese regarding the Vietnam War from OUR perspective. Many informative articles and books such as “Nhung Bi Mat Dang Sau Cuoc Chien Viet Nam” written by journalist Tu Gan and others should be translated, of course with the permissions from the copyright owners, into multiple languages such as English, French, etc. Moreover, we should also participate in the movie industry to provide the producers and directors with accurate information about the war and the South Vietnamese. Is there one single movie that recognizes the fact that the people of South Vietnam DID fight the war too? We have been non-existent in the eyes of the US media. If Hollywood was kind enough to include these people, it portrayed them as cowards, murderers, and indifferent and incompetent corruptors. To name a few movies, “Platoon,” “A Bright Shining Lie,” “Heaven and Earth,” “We Were Soldiers Once,” “A Quiet American,” etc. “Con Rong va Chau Tien” will definitely make a great comeback. I have no doubt that our people possess great talents. I strongly suggest that once we as the first generation of Vietnamese Americans have settled in, we should encourage our second generation and the younger first generation to diversity their educational background by exploring other fields outside technical domain such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and engineering. It is a practical matter that without a technical background the Asian Americans in general will have many remarkable hurdles to overcome in gaining a spot for themselves in this relatively democratic society. However, things have changed. There have been more and more Asian Americans holding high-ranking positions in the governmental jobs. Thus it is a delicate balance that parents must examine in order to foster success for their children yet still retain the love for their Vietnamese people and country.

Long live Dai Viet!

249.  Name: Han
Hometown: Belleville, NJ
Sent: 19.15 - tue 11 nov 2003

Xin duoc man phep gop y them cho website nay, quy vi co the tham khao them tai lieu ve Tong Thong Diem va ong co van Nhu qua bai viet cua ky gia Tu Gan cua bao Sai Gon Nho, sach cua dai ta Nguyen Huu Due "Nho lai nhung ngay o canh Tong Thong Diem" , qua mot so hoi ky cua cac vi tuong lanh de cho doc gia biet them ve vi Tong Thong mot doi vi nuoc quen minh nay. Mot so khen va che nhung nhin chung khong ai choi cai duoc rang Tong Thong la nguoi yeu nuoc va vi dan nen moi bi tham sat boi mot so tuong lanh tham tien hen ha. Xin cam on vi nhung tu lieu cua quy vi da cho toi biet them ve Tong Thong Diem.

248.  Name: Vuong Ky-Son
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Sent: 06.25 - mon 27 oct 2003

Kinh thua Ong Ngo The Linh,

Sang nay toi da nhan duoc e-mail cua Ong de vao website President Ngo Dinh Diem. Toi that su bang hoang xuc dong vi duoc xem nhung hinh anh ma toi hang nguong mo. That la tuyet voi vi day la nhung hinh anh ma toi yeu men va tim kiem.

Ve Duc Hong Y Nguyen Van Thuan: Nam 1998, toi len Washington, D.C. va duoc han hanh gap Ngai (luc ay con la Tong Giam Muc va la Pho Chu tich Thanh Bo Cong Ly va Hoa Binh). That la ky dieu, toi da duoc Ngai uu ai cho xem Cay Thanh Gia Go. Den khi Ngai tu tran 16/08/2002, toi ke lai cau chuyen ay va viet tren tap chi cua toi nhu sau: “... To^i ddu+o+.c ga(.p Nga`i lu'c 9 gio+` sa'ng ta.i Washington, D.C. va` ngo? y' xin ddu+o+.c xem Ca^y Tha'nh Gia' huye^`n thoa.i cu?a Nga`i. Thay vi` la^'y tay na^ng le^n ddu+a cho to^i xem, Nga`i dda~ go+~ ra kho?i co^? va` ddu+a cho to^i. To^i cu~ng ho+i nga.c nhie^n, nhu+ng thi'ch thu' va` ca^`m la^'y quan sa't, ma^n me^. Ro^`i to^i ddeo va`o co^?, lu'c a^'y ddang o+? la^`u hai, to^i ddi le^n la^`u ba ga(.p ba(`ng hu+~u, ro^`i tro+? xuo^'ng la^`u hai, ro^`i bu+o+'c xuo^'ng la^`u mo^.t, ro^`i tro+? ngu+o+.c le^n la^`u hai. To^i go+~ Tha'nh Gia' kho?i co^? va` trao la.i vo+'i lo+`i ca?m o+n Nga`i dda~ da`nh cho to^i mo^.t ky? nie^.m--ma` sau na`y nghi~ la.i, tha^'y vo^ cu`ng quy' ba'u...”

Thua Ong Ngo The Linh,

Toi dang lam nhung bai vo cuoi cung cho Tap chi Viet Nam Tu Do Louisiana cua toi, so ra ngay 01/11/2003. Toi xin phep de duoc trich dang mot so hinh anh cua Ong trong website nay de dang tren tap chi cua chung toi, nhan dip tuong niem 40 nam ngay Tong tong Ngo Dinh Diem bi phan boi va tham sat.
Xin thanh that cam on va kinh chuc Ong moi dieu tot dep.

Tran trong,
Vuong Ky-Son
Giam doc Dai Tieng Noi Viet Nam Hai Ngoai New Orleans
Tong Giam doc Dai Viet Nam Tu Do Washington, D.C.
Chu nhiem / Chu but Tap chi Viet Nam Tu Do Louisiana

247.  Name: Thong Tran
Sent: 17.25 - sun 26 oct 2003

Next week 11/2/2003 is the 40th anniversary of President Ngo Dinh Diem's death. I am looking for a web site that dedicates a memorial service to a great president who gave his life for Vietnam. I found it here. 

In addition, I am grateful for Mr. Ngo The Linh and his service to our country, for his loyalty to a great leader. 

246.  Name: Chau Nguyen
Hometown: Melbourne
Sent: 21.28 - mon 20 oct 2003

Hi, I'm 22 and a 2nd generation Vietnamese and I'm just starting to question my history and my parents place of birth. I would like to say i'm so proud to be Vietnamese!!!! I find learning about our history, culture and traditions are fascinating and i'm eghar to learn as much as I can.... though I'm not that fussed about learning to read r write vietnamese :) at the end of the day, website like yours are good for young people esp. young Vietnamese people like myself a chance to read and learn more about our country's history. 

245.  Name: James J. Gotelli
Hometown: Kapaa', Hi 96746
Sent: 15.27 - fri 3 oct 2003

I was a "leg" atatched to Mike Force as an F.O.RTO '68 to '70 and I much admired my SFO comrades. I have been searching for a Col. Jack ?? for years. He was very "flamboiant" can you help. My deepest most heartfelt for the man on this memorial.

244.  Name: Nguyen Vannam
Hometown: Paris
Sent: 03.41 - mon 1 sep 2003

Ba loi the ma tuoi tre chung toi da va dang co gang hoan thanh su mang cao ca do theo guong nhung nguoi anh di truoc!.
Dat nuoc toi, nguoi Viet toi, se chung minh cho nhung loi nguyen do. Cho 1 chanh nghia VNCH khong bao gio phoi phai.

Three promises - that as young men we have made - we have carried out and continue to fulfill the sacred duty as those Seniors who went before us!
My Country, my People will make these promises come true. For a Republic of Vietnam that forever shine. 

243.  Name: Dick Clark
Hometown: North Branch, MN
Sent: 05.06 - sun 31 aug 2003

Has anyone been back to Paradise Island since the war? I was there last summer (2002), and will be back there in September this year. I did not work there during the war but instead was a Combined Action Program Marine about 1 click inland from the nearest shoreline to the island.
I have current pictures and am willing to explore whatever the local military cammander will allow. There is now some sort of Vietnamese elite army unit based on the island. They are uniformed in very unique brown camoflage utilities.

242.  Name: Nguyen Dai Long
Hometown: BC, Canada
Sent: 13.23 - tue 5 aug 2003

Khong bao gio quen on cua nhung anh hung liet si da hy sinh doi minh cho dat nuoc.


Will never forget the Heroes who made great sacrifices for our country.


241.  Name: Chuck DeLaney
Hometown: Salina, Kansas
Sent: 16.53 - sun 27 jul 2003

Stationed at usnad danang from 2/68-2/69. Would like to hear from anyone stationed at camp fay during, before, or after that time period.

240.  Name: Thi Tran
Hometown: Melbourne - Australia
Sent: 20.34 - thu 17 jul 2003

All We Need is Love

239.  Name: Jimmy P. Watson
Hometown: Seguin
Sent: 10.11 - sun 13 jul 2003

God Bless Them all !!!! I served in 1970-1975. Retired Gysgt. USMC

238.  Name: SSG(R) Ken Potts
Homepage: http://christimiles.homestead.com/Home.html
Hometown: Shoreline, Wa
Sent: 23.19 - sat 12 jul 2003

I served in Vietnam from 1966 thru 1969. I met and married my wife there Miss Le Thi Tiet. We have been happily married since 1969. We both have a lot of respect and honor for the memory of all of those who fought and died for freedom in South Vietnam. 

You must never forget what happened there and do not let the rest of the world forget. One way to do that is to demand that the yellow and red flag retains the honor of representing the Vietnamese people. May it always be displayed as a witness and testimony of a brave and courageous people.

237.  Name: Nguyen Van Hon
Hometown: Nhatrang, Vietnam
Sent: 23.26 - tue 8 jul 2003

Cam on nhung anh hung da hy sinh vi su nghiep cua Viet Nam Cong Hoa. Bo minh la nguoi linh cua VNCH va hom nay minh rat vui vi duoc vao trang web nay va duoc biet them ve nhung vi tong thong ma truoc kia chi nghe Bo minh ke lai thoi. Tai sao Mien Nam lai that thu chu, minh mong uoc rang mot ngay nao do Mien Nam se tro lai nhu xua thi hay biet bao, co ai mong uoc nhu minh khong vay. Thanh that nghieng minh cung kinh nhung vi anh hung song mai trong long nguoi dan Mien Nam Viet Nam.

Thank you to the Army of Republic of Vietnam heroes for your sacrifice. My Dad was an ARVN soldier and today I am happy to visit this website and learn more about the presidents that I could only heard from my Dad. Why did we lost the fight? I hope that one day the South Vietnam will be the same as it was before. Don't any of you have the same wish? Sincerely paying my upmost respect to the heroes who will live forever in the hearts of the South Vietnamese.

236.  Name: Bao Dang
Hometown: Anaheim California
Sent: 14.32 - wed 2 jul 2003


Paying respect and tribute to the Army of Republic of Vietnam and all goverment personnel whom lost their lives for us.
Best wishes to this website for more success and growth in serving to distribute news and important material for Freedom and Democracy.

235.  Name: Bob Shirley
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Sent: 03.32 - fri 27 jun 2003

A wonderful and very informative web site. A real tribute to these brave Vietnamese sailors and and soldiers and their outstanding commander.

I was OinC (Officer-in-charge) of a Swift Boat out of Chu Lai in 1967-68. We often saw the "Nasties" and the "Black Swifts" as they departed on their missions. It is interesting to now gain insight into the important role which these "sister" vessels to our own played in the valiant effort to stem the Viet communist tide.

As a civilian, I returned to Vietnam supporting units operating and being trained at Long Thanh. So my heart goes out to all the Vietnamese that were forgotten and left behind in bac viet prisons. The US should hang its head in shame for not doing everything in its power to make sure these men were afforded the same repatriation opportunity as the American POW's.

Hoan ho cac Hai Quan My . Viet
Bob Shirley

234.  Name: Don Cook
Hometown: Denver
Sent: 13.43 - fri 13 jun 2003

Semper Fi Colonel Ngô Thế Linh. A brave man!

Don Cook ADJ3USN, Da Nang, 1967

233.  Name: Thomas Nguyen
Sent: 18.59 - mon 2 jun 2003

Toi rat cam phuc su kheo leo va tinh than chiu kho cua nguoi dieu hanh web site Ngo The Linh nay. Ho phu sanh ho tu. Toi mong rang nguoi Viet o khap noi ma lam duoc nhung web site nhu the nay tai moi thanh pho thi nguoi My se khong dam khinh thuong chung ta dau. Chan thanh cam on Ong Linh va Ong Hung da dong gop nhung dieu vo cung can thiet cho cong cuoc dau tranh huu ich. No la nhung tieng nhac xuat quan manh me hon nhung buoi hop cai nhau nhu mo bo va ket cuoc chang co de lai gi cho the he sau biet cai hao hung cua cha anh va cai toi ac cua VC. Rang them nua de lam dep que huong.

I admire the skill and the effort of website Ngo The Linh moderator. Tiger male produces tiger cub. I wish to the Vietnamese everywhere if we can create websites like this from many cities then the Americans would have to listen to, and support our effort. Sincere gratitude to Mr. Linh and Mr. Hung for your much needed contribution for our fight. This is a stronger and louder message than those meetings with many arguments that left us with nothing for the younger generation to learn and to understand the heroic sacrifice by the fathers and the crimes against humanity by the Vietnamese communist. Please continue your effort to make our nation better and more beautiful.

232.  Name: Garry M. Schwartz
Hometown: Port St Lucie, FL
Sent: 18.36 - sun 1 jun 2003

In his soul, he fought like the Tiger. Now he rests with the Eagles.

Garry M. Schwartz - 5TH SFG(A) '67-'68

231.  Name: Jeannette G. Marshall
Hometown: Derry, NH
Sent: 07.06 - thu 22 may 2003

I was just a little girl when my Dad, Speedy Gaspard risked his life along with other brave men. I will always be proud of them all.

(Hung Ngo's note: more on Brigadier General (then Major) George Gaspard and MACV-SOG at http://www.macvsog.org/1969.htm)

230.  Name: Luu Ngoc Vinh
Hometown: Houston, TX 77014
Sent: 10.58 - tue 20 may 2003

Toi la cuu SVSQ truong Bo Binh Thu Duc, toi vo cung hanh dien va kinh can nghieng minh truoc anh linh cua Huynh Truong Co Dai Ta Ngo The Linh. Cau mong anh linh Co Dai Ta duoc binh an trong ban tay CHUA va gia dinh Co Dai Ta duoc nhieu hong an cua Thien Chua.

I am a former graduate of Thu Duc Officer Military Academy. I am so proud of and would pay my respect to my Senior Officer, Colonel Ngo The Linh. May the Colonel's soul  rest in peace in God's hands, and his family receive God's blessing.

229.  Name: Le Long Dien
Hometown: Pensacola, Fl, USA
Sent: 16.04 - tue 29 apr 2003

Toi cung la mot quan nhan QLVNCH, toi rat hanh dien co mot chien huu dang kinh nhu Dai ta Ngo the Linh. Cau nguyen cho dat nuoc som duoc Tu-do thoat khoi gong cum Cong-San de cho nhung chien si Quoc-Gia da nam xuong duoc man nguyen .

I am a former soldier of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. I am very proud to have such a respectable fellow Officer as Colonel Ngo The Linh. I pray that our country will soon have Freedom and do away with the communist oppression so that the Fallen ARVN soldiers can finally rest in Peace.

228.  Name: Ninh Vi
Hometown: Arlington TX 76014
Sent: 18.13 - mon 28 apr 2003

Toi muon 1 CD " Thep Den " toi rat muon nghe nhung huyen thoai anh hung cua cac chien si biet hai . Thanh that cam on. 

I would like to have the CD of the story of “Black Steel” to listen to the heroic tales of the ARVN Sea Commandos. Sincere thanks.

227.  Name: Joe Wagner
City/Country: United States
Sent: 16.40 - Thurs 3 April 2003

Thank you for providing an authoritative defense of President Diem from all the frivolous accusation, repeated over and over again until one would think that his detractors had been hypnotized. However, I urge all of Diem's supporters not to go blaming the United States for his death. Kennedy was an embarassment to this nation and I think his betrayal of Diem was just one of his wrongdoings. 

The only reason so many Americans supported his overthrow was that they were lied to by the communist propaganda machine and the supposed "protest" suicides. Most Americans these days think it would have been a better idea to stick in the war, and a great amount of respect is given to Vietnam Veterans.

In any case, the truth needs to come out, especially when so many people accept uncritically what their teachers tell them.

226.  Name: Tài Nguyễn
City/Country: Massachusetts, U.S.A. 
Sent: 03.27 - thu 20 mar 2003

Gởi anh một vài ḍng vinh danh Đại tá Lưu Yểm (nghe nói đă qui tiên). Tôi là người đề lô pháo binh của tiểu đoàn 181 pháo binh ngày xưa, muôn đời nhớ ơn ông, dù tôi không biết rằng ông xấu hay tốt nhưng tinh thần đồng đội đă xui khiến ông liều mạng đáp trực thăng cứu sống tụi này trong những ngày binh lữa sau cùng. Cám ơn anh Hùng. Chúc anh vững tâm. Tài Nguyễn, Massachusetts.

“Đại tá Lưu Yễm Tiểu khu trưởng Tiểu khu Biên Ḥa (không biết khóa nào, Vơ Bị hay Thủ Đức) ngày 25 tháng tư năm 1975 đă cứu mạng cho 23 người lính của đđ 43 trinh sát của chiến đoàn 43, sư đoàn 18 bộ binh, trong khi ông đang trên trực thăng hành quân thị xát chiến trường Trảng Bom, trong đó có 2 thầy tṛ đề lô của TĐ 181 PB.  Đđ 43 trinh sát trấn giữ đồi Ma, đối diện núi Thị, bị VC tấn công nặng va` tan hàng tối 20 tháng 4 năm 1975 sau khi sư đoàn 18 im lặng vô tuyến rút lui khỏi tỉnh Long Khánh.”

I am sending you a few lines to honor Colonel Luu Yem (I am told that he passed away). I am one of the soldier of Artillery Battalion 181 (ARVN), forever in debt to this man. Even I don’t know he was good or bad, but he had saved his comrade while facing enemy fire to land his helicopter to rescue us during the last days of the war. Thank you Hung. I wish that you continue. Tai Nguyen, Massachusetts.

“Colonel Luu Yem, Commander of District Bien Hoa (don’t know from which Officer Class, Da Lat or Thu Duc) on the 25th of April, 1975, saved the lifes of 23 soldiers from Regiment 43rd Reconnaisant of Battalion 43, ARVN Infantry 18th Division  while he was touring the battle field in Trang Bom. In this group were two buddies of  Artillery Battalion 181. Regiment 43rd Reconnaisant was there to control Ma hill (facing the Thi mountain), it was attacked heavily by the Viet Cong and broke rank on the night of 20th April after the Infantry 18th Division left Long Khanh province without communication.”

225.  Name: Hoang Ngoc Lien
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/hoangngoclien2000/
Sent: 03.27 - thu 20 mar 2003

Thanh kinh tuong niem cac anh Nguyen Khoa Nam, Nguyen The Phon, Bui Van Thach ma toi duoc han hanh cung phuc vu tai trai Hoang Hoa Tham, Gia Dinh 1956-1967.
Thanh kinh tuong niem anh Ngo The Linh khoa Dong Da Thu Duc. Chao mung Trang Nha Thu Duc - Nam Dinh do ban tre Ngo Xuan Hung thuc hien.
Hoang Ngoc Lien

224.  Name: Andy Ngo
Sent: 13.32 - tue 18 mar 2003

Sau khi xem het tat ca chien cong cung nhu cuoc doi cua Co Dai Ta NGO THE LINH, toi vo cung hanh dien va nguong mo Co Dai Ta NGO THE LINH, con nguoi suot doi chien dau cho ly tuong Tu Do va Dan Chu cua mien Nam Viet Nam. Hom nay truoc vong linh cua nguoi anh hung toi xin kinh can nghieng minh, cau nguyen linh hon anh tim duoc su an binh noi nuoc CHUA ...

After reading his service and the life of Colonel NGO THE LINH, I am so proud of and admire Colonel NGO THE LINH, who dedicated his life to fight to preserve Freedom and Democracy for the South Vietnam. Today, before the Spirit of our Hero, I pay my utmost respect. May the Colonel's soul forever rest in Heavenly Peace. 

223.  Name: Kent Nguyen
City/Country: Hayward, USA
Sent: 22.09 - mon 10 mar 2003

Thank you for providing this webpage. I was misinformed in my history class in high school about the eventual assination of Ngo Dinh Diem. My dad repetitive told me about the US coup to get Diem. Unfortunately, I was blinded by the patriotism I had for this country, I did not realize we (USA) -- speak loosely -- would do such a thing when a man like Diem is faithfully strong and committed to seeing his people be freed of oppression.

Finding the truth has been the biggest embarassment of my life. As much as I am educated, I am still blinded by the one sided view by the American education system. It is something impossible to filter propaganda from facts and to provide a full reasonable view of the whole situation, but as a person, with time, the casuality that have been lost is worth our devoted days and nights to rationalize. And to my dad ... I know he may not read this but I am truly sorry for the remarks I made because of my one-sided view.

Thank you for this truly magnificent website, you have opened up my mind.

222.  Name: Myrna Tull
City/Country: Carlyle, IL U.S.A. 
Sent:16.06 - thurs 27 feb 2003

Thank you for providing this page. I am deeply ashamed of this part of my country's history. I am even more ashamed that until yesterday, I had never heard anything about President Ngo Dinh Diem. American history classes pick and choose what is taught, leaving out the dark and ugly side of our history. 

221.  Name: Nguyen Canh Van
City/Country: Falls Church , VA, USA 
Sent: 10.23. - sun 23 feb 2003

I never forget the day our first President was murdered, 
the sky suddenly turned to dark and then thunderstorms and heavy rain came; my father told me that our country just lost a good President.

God bless Vietnam and my beloved people; I pray to God that one day Vietnam and my people will live in freedom, justice and prosperity.

220.  Name: Cuu Luong
Hometown: Bangkok
Sent: 19.01 - sat 22 feb 2003

Very impressive site with information. Think about the current situation and what we will be reading then. Regards to the fallen heros.

219.  Name: Vietnamese boy
Sent: 05.52 - tue 18 feb 2003

What a wonderful our ex-president NGO DINH DIEM was!!! 
If he is still alive & rule our country... Maybe we would be in good shape...(I think) 
I'm also grateful for many, many died for our country as Diem's side. 

218.  Name: Bui Quoc Bao/ John-Patrick Bui
Hometown: Palatine, IL born: Vung Tau VNCH
Sent: 20.15 - mon 10 feb 2003

In honour of my father Maj. Bui Van Minh, LLDB age 71.
I send my reverence and love to all who have served and sacrificed their lives for the sake of mine. My father fought for freedom and liberty for our people in Vietnam, and he has provided the same for me in America. I am a proud Vietnamese-American because of that.

217.  Name: Allison, Wm. L.
Hometown: Eastern N.C.
Sent: 12.21 - tue 28 jan 2003

I was not navy, but my brother was. He was with an outfit comprised of marines or seals and regular navy personal. He was a radio operater and was assigned to the vung tau/catlo area sometime in 1967-68. It was referred to as coastal surveilance as I recall him saying. He doesn,t talk a lot about it, but I KNOW he remembers it and it bothers him quite a bit.

216.  Name: Kieu Vi
Sent: 17.14 - thurs 23 jan 2003

Tôi được xem trang web của ông Ngô thế Linh, trang web này thật đầy đủ và hoàn hảo. Nh́n những h́nh ảnh của các anh chiến sĩ cộng ḥa ngày xưa sao mà oai hùng, nhớ lại những kỷ niệm tôi rất là buồn, mặc dù thời gian đă qua gần 30 chục năm, nhưng những h́nh ảnh đó vẫn sống măi trong ḷng tôi.

Bao giờ VIỆT NAM CỘNG H̉A cũng MUÔN NĂM. Ông NGÔ THẾ LINH có một người con như ông đúng là "Hổ phụ sanh Hổ tử".

I had a chance to visit Colonel Ngo The Linh website, this site is comprehensive and complete. The pictures of the ARVN soldiers from the past were so heroic. Remembering this past made me feel very sad, though it has been more than 30 years, but these memories will live in me for the rest of my life. 

As always, Long Live The Republic of Vietnam.  Mr. Ngo The Linh has a son like you, it is so true to the saying “Tiger male produces tiger cub”.

215.  Name: John M Wills
Hometown: St. Louis, Mo
Sent: 07.29 - fri 17 jan 2003

To quote the former exective officer of the 18th division. Although the tree has been cut down " the leaf is still green" I truely beleive that one day soon democracy will return to Vietnam. The same thing that occurred in the soviet union will also take place in Vietnam. All those socialist monuments will fall to be replaced my the true heroes of freedom.

John & Phuong Mai Wills

214.  Name: John O'Neill
Hometown: Bovey, MN
Sent: 09.09 - tue 14 jan 2003

Looking for any of the ARVN Soldiers or US that I proudly served with in the village of Xuyen Moc - Phuoc Tuy Province during the February-March offensive 1972. 
Please contact e-mail, jcat613@uslink.net. Let us not forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice at that time.

213.  Name: Pham-Cong-Ngon
Hometown: Florida
Sent: 03.08 - tue 14 jan 2003

Kính thưa bác.
Cháu đọc được WebSite của bác. Cháu không biết nói ǵ hơn là: Thành thật cám ơn những lời truyền dậy lại cho con cháu, thành kính tri ân tất cả những vị anh hùng dân tộc Việt Nam đă hy sinh cho quê hương Việt Nam yêu dấu và bây giờ tất cả đă ra đi vĩnh viễn. Đă để lại cho con cháu những mối hoài hương và xúc động trong ḷng: NGÀY NÀO CHÚNG CON SẼ ĐƯỢC TRỞ LẠI QUÊ HƯƠNG VIỆT NAM DẤU YÊU ???

Dear “Uncle”,
I had the opportunity to visit your website. I am speechless and would only say this: “Sincerely thank you for teaching the next generation, sincerely paying respect and gratitude to All ARVN Heroes who sacrificed for our beloved country, Vietnam – they have forever left us – leaving this next generation with heartache and a deep yearning for homeland: WHEN WILL THE CHILDREN HAVE A CHANCE TO COME BACK TO MOTHERLAND VIETNAM ???

212.  Name: Hung Nguyen
Hometown: Arizona
Sent: 04.14 - mon 13 jan 2003

Xin thành kính tưởng niệm đến vong linh cố Đại Tá Ngô Thế Linh cùng tất cả những chiến sĩ Quân Lực Việt Nam Cộng Ḥa đă một đời hy sinh cho Tổ Quốc VNCH. 

Trong cuộc chiến đấu chống Cộng Sản xâm lăng trong nền Đệ Nhị Cộng Ḥa, tôi c̣n đang hoản dịch v́ lư do học vấn nên chưa có những đóng góp trong cuộc chiến chống bọn Cộng Sản Quỷ Đỏ. Tuy nhien tôi rất thích đọc những web sites nói về những Anh Hùng trong tất cả các Binh Chủng của VNCH ngày xưa. Chỉ tiếc rằng xương máu của các Anh đă đổ xuống và hy sinh cho Tổ Quốc VNCH thân yêu ngày xưa để cuối cùng đến tháng Tư 1975 th́ Big Minh đă đầu hàng vô điều kiện và giải tán một Quân Đội VNCH oai hùng, xóa tan đi một nước VNCH trên bản đồ Thế Giới, cho bè lũ ngu xuẩn Cộng Sả n Bắc Việt cai trị để đưa cả một Dân Tộc VN đi vào nghèo đói. 

Cám ơn những sưu tầm của Anh, đă để cho những thế hệ sau có những nghiên cứu để tra cứu và hảnh diện cho một quân đội VNCH của các bậc đàn Anh.

Một lần nữa xin thành kính tri ân.

Remember and pay respect to the late Colonel Ngo The Linh and all ARVN soldiers who made great sacrifice and dedicated their life to serve the Republic of Vietnam.

During the war defending the South Vietnam against the North Vietnamese communist aggression, I was in school and was not able to contribute to our fight against the Evil Communist. However, I very much like to read the websites that talked about our Heroes from all Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) branches. Regretfully, the blood you shred and your sacrifice were betrayed on April 30th, 1975, when General Big Minh unconditionally surrendered and disbanded the heroic ARVN, erased the Republic of Vietnam from the world map, and let the stupid North Vietnamese communist took control of our country, making our people starve and poor.

Thank you for your collection, it will help the next generation to learn about the past and be proud of those who went before us, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam.

Once again, I respectfully paying tribute and convey my gratitude.

211.  Name: Lai Van Hiep
Hometown: nhatrang
Sent: 21.36 - sun 12 jan 2003

Là chiến sĩ của đoàn LÔI HỔ đóng tại căn cứ Cam Ranh, tôi rất muốn giao lưu với anh em đang ở hải ngoại. Có ǵ cứ liên lạc với tôi qua địa chỉ mail. 
Chân thành cám ơn. Lai văn Hiệp.

A SOG (Thunder Tiger) commando stationed in Cam Ranh bay, I would like to keep in touch with SOG soldiers oversea. Please contact me via above email address.

210.  Name: Richard and Diane Webster
Hometown: nhatrang
Sent: 13:41 - fri 10 jan 2003

I read about your brave father and what a hero he was.  I am a Vietnam Veteran, former COVanMi, a Lt. with MAVC MAT tms 49 and 87, stationed for a short time at a little village called Cam Tan, in between Xuan Loc and BlackHorse base camp. I was assigned as advisior to 413th Regional forces Company at Cam Tan. I later heard they were overrun, and several of my former Vietnamese Catholic Nuns were killed in this battle. I went back last year and visited Cam Tan. I will go back again and find grave sites of nuns. Is there any contact I could make to find out about battle. Sincerely,
Rich Webster - LT. MAT 87 & 49 teams - VN 68/69

209.  Name: Daniel E. Teodoru
Hometown: New York
Sent: 13.53 - sat 4 jan 2003

Those of us who experienced Communism in all its forms and its basic unitary evil, and then saw in Vietnam a chance to struggle for the victory of freedom, lost once again in 1975, can now mobilize for the battle of historic truth. Now our chance of victory in the name of truth is possible as we study the documents and leave our mark in an explanatory history of what happened. 

Only through our devotion to the well-being and freedom of the Vietnamese people could we earn the right to attempt understanding of what happened and why. Only by caring for the Vietnamese, as much as we cared for our own can we achieve a feel for their history, their plight and their strength. We may be aging but our experiences will never fade. 

The dead are calling on us to devote ourselves to understanding why: 

  • purity of motive-- as in the case of President Diem-- lost 

  • and commitment to slavishly follow the models of evil-- Stalinist and Maoist Communism-- won, as in the case of Ho Chi Minh, Truong Chinh, Giap, Thanh and Le Duan. 

Yet, the end is clear: the evil ones also come face to face to be judged by the same Creator of us all as we do. Let our honoring of the dead through dedication to truthful rendition of their history bathe away all our sins and theirs, vindicating them and us.

We must make others understand, despite the veil of lies and deceptions that to this day cloud the history of Vietnam's struggle with Red evil, that the massive shelves of Vietnam War histories sorely need revision. Consider the Internet a weapon given us by God to strike blows for truth against falsehoods. No academic shame will stop us from respectfully honoring the dead with truth and understanding. We are all obligate historians now!

208.  Name: Kim Nguyen
Hometown: Houston, TX
Sent: 06.24 - wed 1 jan 2003

Xin thành kính thắp lên một nén hương ḷng tưởng nhớ Cựu Đại Tá Ngô Thế Linh và các Chiến Sĩ Quân Lực Việt Nam Cộng Ḥa đă bỏ ḿnh cho cuộc chiến.
Nguyện cầu hồn thiêng sông núi, anh linh của các vị anh hùng dân tộc phù trợ cho đất nước Việt Nam sớm có tự do dân chủ và giàu mạnh.

Respectfully burn an incense to pay tribute and remember Colonel Ngo The Linh and all ARVN soldiers who died in our fight against communist aggression.
May the spirits of our ancestors and our nation's heroes guide and support us so Vietnam will soon have Freedom, Democracy and prosperity for our people.




Việt Nam Cộng Ḥa Muôn Năm


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