Long Live Việt Nam


You have never lived, until you have almost died.
For those who fight for it,
life has a flavor that the protected will never know!

De Oppresso Liber.

Please sign Memorial Guestbook to honor the fallen soldiers and
those who sacrificed so much so that others may live in Freedom.


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Thank You For Signing Memorial Guestbook

335.  Name: Cecil Mashburn
Hometown: Russell, Kansas
Sent: 21.27 - thu 30 dec 2004

I am the eldest son of Lou Conein, Who was a friend of Ngo The Linh. I am also a friend of Mrs Boxberger who is married to my friend eldest son. I had the honor to visit with Ngo The Linh at their wedding in Kansas. I am sadden that both great men my father and Mr. Linh has moved on. They were both great men in Viet Nam.

Hung Ngo: Lieutenant Colonel Lucien Conein link:  http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/conein.htm

334.  Name: Ricardo
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga
Sent: 17.52 - sun 21 nov 2004

I wish to honor those who have fallen in South Vietnam. I am an ex-military (5 yrs 5 months), and I feel for those who have lost loved ones. I am 48 now, with family, and I would still go to fight if required. This country, and other countries can not survive if no one stands up to the evil followers of hate.

333.  Name: James M. Vincent, LCDR USN (Ret)
City: El Paso, Texas
Sent: Fri December 31 2004 19:56 

My heart goes out to those who did not come home and to those Vietnamese who are forced to live in that Communist country. I will never forget the brave men of the Hai Thuyen of the Third Coastal District and our Biet Hai, God Bless Them All. SAT CONG (still) 

332.  Name: Ronald E. Kauffman
City: Storrs, Connecticut
Sent: Fri December 31 2004 05:05 

I would like to point out that the Americans stationed at Paradise Island did not accompany the Swift Boats on their trips to enemy territory. Our job was to translate the interrogation reports and forward them to classified locations. We also had other missions, but could not be considered as dangerous at the Swift Boat Commandos. I was USA special forces operations and intelligence and most of the other americans were army and naval intelligence. We worked hard to keep the mission of the island secret and there was not any indication that the communist forces (VC and NVA) knew any thing at all about our operations. For all they knew we were a radio relay station. We had no contact with the local villagers except for medical emergencies when they required a doctor or transport to a hospital on the mainland. I do not want to give the impression that we were some sort of heroes. We did our job as directed. 

331.  Name: SGM (ret) Ronald E. Kauffman
City: Storrs, Connecticut
Sent: Tue December 28 2004 15:52 

I replaced MSG Mancil as the NCOIC of the small detachment on the Island. During Tet '68 we were on alert but not attacked. We watched Marble Mountain being attacked from our positions on the beach. I later served in MACSOG other branches after the closing of the island in 1968.(1969?). I may have some pictures of the compund if you are interested. The men of CSS are true heroes who conducted very dangerous missions in enemy held territory (North Vietnam and Tiger Island). 

330.  Name: James M. Schmitt
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/slavcmb/
City: House Springs, Mo.
Sent: Sun December 26 2004 09:58 

I have no words for those who died, American and ARVN, only tears. To me there is no Ho Chi Min city nor will there ever be...it is and always will be.. SAIGON ! 
D.Co. 169th Eng.Bn. 20th Eng. Bde. {QL-20} 69-70 GOD please bless us all. 

329.  Name: Leonard U.Y. Dela Cruz
City: Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Sent: Fri December 17 2004 18:59 

I honor all who have served and died for Vietnam's freedom. My service in Vietnam was at Quang Tri Combat Base from January 1970 to February 1971. Special US Air Force Detachment doing a classified mission. I'm honored to have served in Vietnam. 

328.  Name: Thanh cong Trinh
Hometown:  Sachse, TX
Sent: Thu November 25 2004 20:18 

Thanks Hung and keep up the good job! Than goi A. Huynh phi Khanh. Liet cung la ban toi, toi co den nha o Tran hung Dao De Tham sau nha tho Tin Lanh. Neu A.o RT Pythorn chac A. biet Suong (Interpreter) Suong o Da Lat, sau qua toan toi. Toi mat 2 nguoi ban trong toan cua Liet: Long (Interpreter) KIA Long hay hat bai I am your Captain va Lam (11) MIA Lam co vo ten Lan o Nha Trang co mot dua con, Lam o cau Van Thanh, SG. Luc do Tuan rau lam 10. Anh em minh biet nhau, nhung lau qua roi khong nho. Xin A lien lac voi toi. Se noi nhieu hon. Chuc suc khoe. Thanh Trinh. 

327.  Name: Ricardo
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga
Sent: Sun Nov 21 19:52:13 2004

I wish to honor those who have fallen in South Vietnam. I am an ex-military (5 yrs 5 months), and I feel for those who have lost loved ones.  I am 48 now, with family, and I would still go to fight if required.  This country, and other countries can not survive if no one stands up to the evil followers of hate.

326.  Name: Ngoc Truong
City: toronto, canada
Sent: Sat November 13 2004 21:24 

Good work. I want to justify the picture in pres. Diem page, the colonel was not Tran Van Y, his name was Nguyen Huu Co, Commander of Fourth Corps, later in 1966 he wad three-star general of ARVN. I can guarantee my info. is correct. 

325.  Name: mike nielsen
City: Yucca Valley, California
Sent: Thu November 11 2004 15:09 

Get the Point . . . !?

He sometimes cry’s; And then maybe not
He sometimes sing’s, softly, no! in his own head
365 for some reason written on his hat
Other poems written there too.

He eases through the vines
No! Not standard vines
Not American vines
Not familiar vines, 
Not friendly vines either, 
But not unfriendly vines (because they are impersonal)
But definitely not friendly vines 
No, not friendly vines, mean vines . . .
Foreign Vines

A vine reached for his boot,
As he smoothly slides from tree to root,
Not to be duped as he slips from it's grasp,
Another vine drops to hook his rifle shaft, 
Vines caught on his over stuffed pack,
Vines tugged at the pins of his grenades
Vines reaching to pull him to his grave. 

Vines . . . His forward progress they did impede, 
But, . . . he tugged them loose,
He broke the trail,
He watched for movement in the bush,
His eyes constantly searching for sign;
Judging each mark,
Evaluating each bent blade of grass,
Checking his fields of fire,
Keeping on his set course,
Checking . . . Checking . . . Always checking . . .

But then, he was trapped by a vine . . .
The hated vine . . . The one with curved teeth.
It claimed some territory where his leg had been smooth.
He attempts at first to ignore the pain; Break the trail, watch the bush, read the sign, move, move;
But no! Wait a minute . . . The vines name is the action that is caused . . . No normal man can break the bond.
Many have tried, and, some have died:
"The wait a minute Vine."

by: Mike Nielsen
Thank you for your sacrifice . . . It is time for the healing to begin . . . start programs for all disabled veterans north (the only way they will listen)and south. Start a
college fund in Vietnam for disabled veterans families (try saigon business and language college; I did) Good luck to all of you. I spent two tours in Vietnam and
many months since trying to help in any way possible. Cav69271@yahoo.com A Company 1/12

324.  Name: Solange Echeverria
City: Oakland
Sent: Mon November 08 2004 16:39

I honor those that live and die for freedom-alhtough I hope and pray that the United States ceases it's global domineering ways-we don't need another vietnam, not in Asia, not in Iraq, not anywhere. 

323.  Name: Sgt Gary M. Lytle
City: Maimi Florida
Sent: Mon November 08 2004 10:53 

Served with the 101st Airborne in Plieku only those who served with MACV-SOG Know the truth. 

322.  Name: Craig Kditchen
City: Decorah, Iowa
Sent: Mon October 25 2004 11:17 

I was looking for info about the cho hoi program and how it related to the Marine Corps. 

321.  Name: Nguyen Anh Tuan
Sent: 22.52 - thu 28 oct 2004


320.  Name: Dwayne Benac
Hometown: south bend
Sent: 23.23 - sat 9 oct 2004

A member of tf116 navy advisors thanks you.

319.  Name: Joe Kwok Sing Wong
City: P.O. Box 482, Socorro NM 87801 U.S.A.
Sent: 2004-10-13 22:55:44 GMT

President Ngo Dinh Diem was a good man. He went to Taiwan and saw my poem Praise The Rivers And Mountains Of China (Joung Gao Hor Shan Joung) and The Song Of A Free Man ( Joh Yu Yen Je Gor) from Taiwan back to South Vietnam. He wanted to be peaceful co-exist with the Communists but he and his brother were murdered. 

He knew my Chinese name Wong Kwok Sing. I was the author of the two articles. I wrote those articles in 1962 and 1963 when I was a soldier of the U.S. Army in Fort Sill Oklahoma. During the war, my two articles were used in school text books in South Vietnam. The Vietnamese gave me a Vietnamese name Quyen Gock Doung. I am now 64 years old and living at Socorro New Mexico  Joe Kwok Sing Wong. October 13, 2004.

318.  Name: Huynh-phi-Khanh
Hometown: West Australia
Sent: 07.37 - fri 1 oct 2004

Toi la cuu BKQ LOI-HO thuoc CHIEN-DOAN-1-Xung-Kich truc thuoc So-Lien-Lac. Khi moi vao toi duoc nhan vao toan ten reconnaissance team PYTHON vai thang sau toi xin chuyen qua toan HAI-PHONG de o ben canh nguoi anh cua toi la Huynh-Oanh-Liet thuoc toan HAI-SU. Vai thang sau toan toi co cong tac nhay o Quang-Tri gan bien gioi Lao's, toan toi bi phat giac va bi tan cong, chung toi chong tra rat manh liet nhung vi quan cong-san qua dong chung toi bi tieu diet 6 trong 8 nguoi cua chung toi bi chet ke ca toan truong la thieu uy SON, toi va Lac con song sot nhung bi thuong nang, toi bi dan xuyen qua dau con Lac bi trung tay va chan. Toi duoc dua ve chua tri tai benh vien da chien Hoa-Ky tai Danang va sau do duoc dua ve benh vien cua trai cho toi ngay Hoa-Ky ban giao trai cho Hac-Long cua Tong-Tham-Muu. Toi duoc cap chung chi giai ngu va mot so tien roi may bay dua toi ve SAIGON. Ke tu do toi mat lien lac voi tat ca cho den ngay hom nay. Cau mong cac chien-huu o don vi Biet-Kich LOI-HO Danang lien lac voi toi truoc la ke nhau nghe nhung ngay gian kho da qua sau thi giup toi ve van de tro cap vi giay chung chi giai ngu va nhung lien quang ve doi linh cua toi da bi dot khi giac tran vao mien nam nam 1975 nen gio toi khong con giay to de chung minh toi la ai. Toi bi dan xuyen qua tu cam ben tai trai qua mat phai nen mat phai toi bi hu, mat trai gio cung yeu, lai bi mo mat tuyen-tuy nen bi tieu duong, va sau nhieu nam lam viec qua cuc nhoc nen lung toi bi dau kinh nien, tuy vay toi van hang ngay di lam nhung toi phai uong thuoc thuong xuyen de giam mau duong va chong dau lung va benh xuyen, toi rat can su giup do cua cac ban dong-doi dung ra chung nhan dum toi that vo cung biet on. Mong nghe tin cua cac anh.

317.  Name: huynh-phi-khanh
Hometown: West Autralia
Sent: 06.37 - fri 1 oct 2004

Toi la cuu BKQ toan Hai-Phong thuoc CHIEN-DOAN.1. XUNG-KICH, dai doi C.C.N truc thuoc So Lien Lac Bo Tong-Tham-Muu. Sau 32 nam mat lien lac voi biet doan LOI-HO nay vua moi lien lac duoc thi Dai Ta Ngo-The-Linh va Dai uy Nguyen-Van-Vinh da khong con, that vo cung dau sot cho su mat mac lon lao do. Xin goi loi chia buon den voi gia dinh cua hai ong.

I am a former commando, team Hai Phong, C.C.N, Liaison Service. Lost contact with the Thunder Tiger commandos for 32 years, now I found this website and just learned that Colonel Ngo The Linh and Captain Nguyen Van Vinh have passed away, I am extremely saddened by the news. My sincere condolences to the two families.

316.  Name: huynh-phi-khanh
Hometown: West Autralia
Sent: 06.14 - fri 1 oct 2004

To memorial of six members of my team HAI-PHONG belonging CHIEN-DOAN-1-XUNG-KICH, Biet-Kich LOI-HO Danang. They had fighting beside me at border Lao-Viet and they had died for freedom of the world and Gratitude for all member of company C.C.N had sacraficed in the war.

315.  Name: Dr. Diana Tran- Yu
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Sent: 19.44 - wed 29 sep 2004

Tears and sorrows of appreciation will never measure up sufficely to express our deepest LOVE, MEMORIES, and GRATITUDE to all the fallen MEN and WOMEN who have sacrificed an ultimate gift - their LIFE for the seven simple word "FREEDOM"!

314.  Name: David Williams
Hometown: homestead,florida
Sent: 09.04 - wed 29 sep 2004

I would like to say ''gimmie my gun and more ammunition ''from a former river rat, USN, P.B.R. Forces, Riv. Div. 521, Tam Mi, Vietnam.

313.  Name: Nguyen Ngo
Sent: 07.10 - tue 28 sep 2004

Very interesting website. A lot of good documents. 

312.  Name: Dominic Nguyen
Hometown: Garden Grove, CA.
Sent: 22.02 - mon 6 sep 2004

Thanks so much all VN commandos, special task forces who lost their lives or suffered under the inhuman VC hands for other compatriots. May God rewards all of them in their next lives... 

311.  Name: Jim Longo
Hometown: Livingston, NJ
Sent: 12.34 - sat 28 aug 2004

It's hard to express one's sentiments among so many good posters. First, a salute and a deep word of thanks to the veterans, both American and ARVN, and out of respect to Paul Ryan's dad, Australian. A heart-felt salute to Mr. DeLaney of SOG and Sgt. Smith of the USMC. I have a question for Mr. Bill Laurie. Were you a My co van or with the Special Forces? I'm asking because you wrote so much in Vietnamese. I managed to learn a few words and phrases from my Vietnamese students. I was very moved when I saw the name Nguyen Chi Thien, the writer who spent about 30 years of his adult life in Communist prisons in the North. I have his collection of poems Flowers from Hell. I also was so happy to see the name Phan Boi Chau, the founder of Vietnam's first nationalist party, the VNQDD, and a patriot who resisted French colonialism. I didn't understand the sentence Ho Chi Minh da phan boi Phan Boi Chau. I think "da" is the past tense particle. Does "phan boi" mean betray? I know that Ho sold out Phan Boi Chau to the French police in Vietnam for about 25,000 piasters. It would have been so nice if certain stupid politicians and ambitious and lying navy lieutenants had known that fact of history before they spouted the ignorant line that "Ho Chi Minh was Vietnam's George Washington." 

To the many Vietnamese who have posted comments, it is moving to see so many replies. I taught those whose fathers were in trai hoc tap cong san. From sites like vietworld.com and writers like Ginetta Sagan, I know so painfully much about the "reeducation" camps and the boat people. The swinish Kerry said in 1971 that a mere "3000" Vietnamese would face persecution or death if the Communists destroyed Viet Nam Cong Hoa. About 2.5 million people have fled Vietnam since 1975. He has no shame in that he merely erred by about 2,497,000 human beings.

As for Paul Stein, who believes that "killing the other side out of an arrogant fear and ignorance solves nothing," I'd say that you Paul Stein talk with the arrogance and ignorance so typical of the arrogant and ignorant NY liberal and leftist. Have you ever studied anything about the "reeducation" i.e. concentration camps and GULAGs established after 1975? Have you ever talked with or met any survivors of those camps or with any boat people? Are you familiar with names like Father Nguyen van Ly, Thich Quang Do, Thich Huyen Quang, Thich Thien Minh, or those of Hoa Hao clergy imprisoned for defending human rights? Please cure yourself of your own arrogance and ignorance before you attempt to lecture others.

310.  Name: Robert and Thy Hart
Hometown: Yukon, OK
Sent: 08.39 - fri 13 aug 2004

I am not Vietnamese, but my wife is. I strongly support your Heros as well as ours. This is an excellent site and I hope you continue to have it up for a long time to come.

309.  Name: Chau Nguyen
Sent: 07.27 - mon 9 aug 2004

Congratulation to Hung Ngo for building this valuable site in honor of Colonel Ngo The Linh and the Republic of VietNam's soldiers. Colonel Linh will be proud of you, Hung!
This site must be known by everybody. I certainly will make everyone I meet to see this site. Good luck!

308.  Name: Hieu
Hometown: bn
Sent: 21.31 - fri 6 aug 2004

307.  Name: Ed Battle
Hometown: Anniston, AL
Sent: 06.12 - fri 6 aug 2004

Thank you for your service!!!! Even if half the country doesn't appreciate it, those of us who do are ten times more dedicated!!!!

306.  Name: Judy S. Bardugo
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Sent: 17.53 - thu 5 aug 2004

God bless you, sir,and your family for your service to our country. I can't believe that @50% of Americans support Kerry for President (according to the polls); I am grateful to you for speaking out. Let's hope that the American electorate heeds your words.

305.  Name: Barbara Stamper
Hometown: Ohatchee, AL 36271
Sent: 13.01 - thu 5 aug 2004

Your message express how I feel about John Kerry.
My husband died due to Agent Orange and other Chemicals. He was a Chemical Corp Officer and serve in Viet Nam from Sept. 1971 to Sept. 1972. John Kerry does a disservice to those men and women that serve their county and died. Thanks for writing this letter for us many widows. Barbara Stamper 

304.  Name: SGT. BLAINE E. SMITH
Sent: 11.10 - thu 5 aug 2004


303.  Name: Kevin W
Hometown: New York
Sent: 09.28 - thu 5 aug 2004

Your open letter to Kerry says it all. Thank you and all veterans of all wars for your bravery, service and by allowing all of us to live free. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES! 

302.  Name: Cynthia Campbell
Hometown: Joplin, Missouri
Sent: 05.52 - thu 5 aug 2004

Sir, it is an honor to sign your guestbook and to read your passionate, heartfelt letter to that piece of human debris (John Kerry) that is running for the highest office in our beloved country. It scares me that such scum is even allowed to be walking free on the streets and not rotting in some well-deserved prison cell for what he has been doing all these years to demoralize you fine men and women.

301.  Name: Tom Garvie
Hometown: harrisburg, pennsylvania
Sent: 05.41 - thu 5 aug 2004

I will never forget the sacrifice so many gave in Vietnam and am Oh so proud of everyone of them. I was one of the lucky to get back home alive from that country (1965-1966)..... I will always remember the sacrifice the good men made to help make us live in a better world...... Thanks again fellow VIET-VETS.....

300.  Name: Lester Page
Hometown: Huntsville, Tx 77340
Sent: 05.30 - thu 5 aug 2004

I respect and honor all who served our Country.
Freeper HuntsvilleTxVeterian

299.  Name: Manh duy
Sent: Thu July 29 2004 17:55 

Vo cung` thuong tiec nhung nguoi` da nga~ xuong' trong chien' tranh ! 

Deep mourning for those who died during this war !

298.  Name: Jari Salo
Hometown: seinajoki, finland
Sent: 04.45 - sat 10 jul 2004

De Oppresso Liber.  Your site is always great to view !
Maybe you'd like to add following site into your links http://www.larrythorne.com/

297.  Name: Le Van Sac, MD
Homepage: http://www.congdongvietnam.com
Hometown: San Jose, CA 95131
Sent: 16.34 - sun 4 jul 2004

I knew Colonel Ngo The Linh from 1985 in San Jose. He is good soldier of Viet Nam Cong Hoa and never betrayed the National Leaders. He is one of unknown fighters of our country and never joined the betray politic involvment....

296.  Name: Bill Laurie
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona
Sent: 02.16 - thu 1 jul 2004

Kinh Thua quy vi, nhung chieu huu da chong lai nhung cho de cong san o dong nam a(toi xin tha loi vi noi nhung loi ha luu-nhung ma nhung loi do la su that). 

Tu ngay toi roi Viet Nam, Ngay 23, thang ba, nam 1975, khong co mot ngay nao toi kho nho nhung ban be toi, nhung nguoi Viet, My, Uc da chong cong san va chu nghia ac, vo ich, bat cong. Thoi gian toi phuc vu o Viet Nam la thoi gian quy nhut trong doi song toi, va nhung chien huu giong nhu la anh em ruot cua toi. 

Toi rat kinh truong nhung anh hung nhu Ngo The Linh, Nguyen Khoa Nam, Ho Ngoc Can, Nguyen Chi Thien, Nguyen Viet Thanh, va hang ngan nhung chien huu rat gan da, rat can dam. Tu bay gio den khi ngay toi qua song toi se chong chu nghia bat cong o dong nam a, nhung ten cong san liem got mot chu nghia ngoai quoc, nhung chu nghia phan boi dan toc da vang. Khi nao toi chet toi chi xin Ong Chua, hoac la Ong Phat, de toi di mien cuc lac rieng cho nhung nguoi ban be toi da chong cong, chong su bat cong, tham nhung cua quy vat cong san. Toi khong phai la nguoi ngu va hieu biet ve nhung van de o VNCH-ky thi dan toc-nhut la doi voi nguoi thuong o cao nguyen, tham nhung, v.v., nhung ma toi cung biet rang co nhieu nguoi muon sua lai nhung van de do, thanh lap mot xa hoi co cong ly, tu do va giup VN theo duong tien bo. Chung ta khong co lanh dao, chien thuat, va su kien do la loi cua nhung hen, ngu, tai Toa Bach Oc My, nhu thang he McNamara, la mot nguoi khong lo ve nguoi binh dan, nhung nguoi linh phai chiu trach nhiem chong cho dien cong san. Hoi thoi gian toi o VN co mot vai lan toi khong biet neu toi se song mot hoac la hai ngay nua, va toi nghi ve Ong Chua hoi toi neu toi da xung dang gi, co doi sang co gia tri. Toi chi co mot vai loi tra loi: Toi co loi trong doi song minh, nhung ma toi da ung ho mot chinh nghia co gia tri, khong bo lai ban be toi, va neu toi khong ung ho su chinh nghia do thi linh hon toi chet roi. Neu co ngung nguoi, nhung nguoi an-ten, bu nhin dang cong san doc chu nay, may nen biet co mot ke thu khong bao gia dao hang, mot ke thu chong bat cong den ngay nao toi chet, va chac co le nhung ngay sau do khi toi tro thanh mot oan hon. Nhung ten bu nhin cong san nen biet rang co nhieu nguoi biet may khong dam noi su that, va doi xu giong nhu la de quoc Phap trong thoi gian qua. 

Ho Chi Minh da phan boi Phan Boi Chau, va hang ngan nguoi yeu nuoc khac, va hien nay dang cong san, thuc la "binh xuyen moi," da phan boi nuoc, van hoa, van minh, va dan toc da vang Viet Nam. Bay gio can bo cong san so noi su that: da bo chu nghia Max-Len roi, va chi muoi co quyen doc tai de giua su kiem suat doc tai, len trieu phu, trong khi so su that, nhu nguoi hen, nguoi khong co linh hon, khong co danh du dan toc da vang. Nhung nguoi noi doi hoai, noi ba lap hoai, vi so su that. Nhung ten so "phuong phap Lo-Ma-Ni." 

To those who have written to and will read the other letters on this website: Thank you to all who served, not to preserve a so-call "corrupt regine" but who knew communist idiocy was more corrupt, more wretched, than anything under the former governments of The Republic of Viet Nam, Laos, and Cambodia. We did not have the support of our own government, nor of the American citizenry, nor of the rest of the world mesmerized and duped by insidiously effective communist propaganda, yet you persisted, you did't quit, because you were motivated by a sense of honor, of decency, and an unwavering dedication to justice and fairness. In effect, the whole world was against us, especially from 1968 when foolish "anti-war" protestors, in reality foolish warmongers supporting Hanoi's mad imperialism, encouraged Hanoi's deviant idelogues, the Nazis of Southeast Asia, to press on with a war they were losing. I would rather go to the dark side of Hell with you, with Nguyen Khoa Nam, with Ho Ngoc Can, with Nguyen Viet Thanh, with Nguyen Van Hieu, with Ngo The Linh, than go to mien cuc lac-heaven/nirvana-with McNamara, Tom Hayden, and all the other mindless, egotistical fools who cared not a whit for the nguoi binh dan, nguoi nong dan-the common people and farmers-of Viet Nam and Southeast Asia. 

With this sense of honor which all of you are imbued with, comes a grave responsibility: we MUST continue to resist ideological idiocy and barbarism in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia. Scores of Montagnards have been gunned down in the past few months (see Montagnard-Foundation.org, crfvn.org, fva.org, Hmongnation.com, laohumrights.org, gb4hr.net, khmerintelligence.org, hoahao.org). These are just some websites which tell the truth about Southeast Asia today, a very ugly truth that the mainstream news media avoids and is willfully ignorant of. Today utter nonsense is taught in American schools and colleges about Viet Nam. If we are to honor the memories of Ngo The Linh, Nguyen Khoa Nam, Nguyen Viet Thanh, and thousands of others of our comrades who have paid the ultimate price, we are morally obligated to continue to fight the war for ideas, to write letters, to speak at schools, to do everything in our power to rip the facade of illusion off the feeble brains of our "fellow Americans," blinded as they are by chu nghia vat chat. When the day comes when each of us passes from this world, we shoulded be prepared to answer the questions of our comrades, our ban be and chieu huu, who have gone before us: "Did you do all you could do to oppose idiocy and barbaric parasitism in Southeast Asia." Imagine yourself in that situation, and imagine having to say "no, I did not." People suffer today in Viet Nam, Laos, and Cambodia, and their suffering is exclusively due to the leftover remnants of a pathological ideology now used as a means to maintain an elite class and its access to money. Do something, do it again tomorrow, and the day after. To do otherwise is to betray our cause, the cause of the people of Southeast Asia, and to denigrate and betray the service all of you have already rendered. 

Van an cho buu quyen. Chao tam biet. BL

295.  Name: Nghia Bui
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
Sent: 21.18 - sat 26 jun 2004

Xin nghieng minh truoc anh linh cua huynh truong Ngo The Linh va tat ca cac anh linh cua nhung chien huu trong QLVNCH, da hy sinh va ra di vinh vien vi dat nuoc va dan toc. Chung toi la nhung nguoi linh, la dan em cua cac huynh truong, nguyen tiep tuc con duong cua cac huynh truong, cac chien huu con dang do, chien dau tren moi binh dien hau mang lai tu do, nhan quyen, va dan chu cho que huong Viet Nam chung ta cho den khi chung toi guc nga. Xin anh linh cua quy vi hay ngam cuoi noi chin suoi, cac dan em cua huynh truong da va dang chien dau voi tinh than "cu an tu nguy", kim chi nam cua Truong Bo Binh Thu Duc.

Paying respect to senior officer Ngo The Linh and the fallen comrades of the Army of Republic of Viet Nam, who made sacrifices and have died for our country and our people. We are the soldiers, your junior, promise to continue your legacy, with our remaining comrades to fight with all means to bring about Freedom, Human Rights and Democracy to our beloved Vietnam until our death. We wish that you will rest in peace, knowing that your junior officers did and are still fighting in the spirit of "Cu An Tu Nguy - In Peace We Prepare For War", the motto of Military Academy for Infantry Officers, Thu Duc.

294.  Name: Chuck DeLaney
Hometown: Salina, Ks
Sent: 17.56 - sat 26 jun 2004

US MACV-SOG, USNAD Danang, Rvn 1968-1969.
God Bless all of our fallen comrades.
Long Live Freedom.

293.  Name: Jessica Ngo (your grandchild)
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Sent: 14.11 - fri 18 jun 2004

Hello Grandpa. I and our family love you and miss you so much grandpa. Tommorow is Father's day and the whole family will visit you in the morning. Love forever,
Jessica Ngo

292.  Name: Dr. Carlos Diaz Lujan
Hometown: Miami, FL 33135
Sent: 15.53 - sun 13 jun 2004

Dear Brothers in Arms:
As betrayed Cuban Exiles we stand by the betrayed Vietnamese people with the fervent hope that our nations will one day be free and independent, and the traitors will be tried and executed. We will never forget. We will never surrender. Long Live a Free Vietnam! Long live a Free Cuba!

291.  Name: Duc Pham
Hometown: Saigon - Boulder
Sent: 11.11 - thu 10 jun 2004

While the world have widely known the corruption and incompetence of few SVN military leaders whom were installed and supported by the Uncle Sam, they know little about a vast majority of SVN people and arm forces who fought bravely and made ultimate sacrifice for our own freedom. We will continue to fight for VN by lobbying, supporting, educating, and influencing Vietnamese to stand up for democracy and human rights in VN. VN Communist system has shown some cracks. It's a matter of time before it collapses like the Eastern European block countries.

290.  Name: Lan Tran
Hometown: Hawthorne, CA USA
Sent: 11.27 - sat 5 jun 2004

Thuong Tiec.

289.  Name: Jean Libby
Homepage: http://www.alliesforfreedom.org
Hometown: Palo Alto, California
Sent: 22.47 - thu 27 may 2004

I appreciate being able to sign this book and to honor the fallen of the Republic of South Vietnam.
Jean Libby, U.S. History Instructor
De Anza College, Cupertino, California

288.  Name: long van pham
Hometown: Gulfport, Mississippi
Sent: 12.14 - fri 14 may 2004

We will never forget and we will continue to fight with other means. 'Til the end, WE WILL PREVAIL. PHL

287.  Name: Paul Ryan
Hometown: Beachmere-Queensland-Australia
Sent: 17.10 - mon 10 may 2004

As the son of a Australian Vietnam veteran, I wanted to write and say how much i admire the soldiers of the former South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) who fought with great courage, and Determination? The ARVN could have won if america continued supporting them with military equipment and financial support, they were abandoned? They also needed competent leadership, which was lacking in the government and in the army. The ARVN had some very fine military leaders, who were professional and would never lose on the battlefield. To the soldiers of the former South Vietnamese army, hold your heads high, you are brave men, who fought magnificently under conditions which should have been better for you. You deserve the highest respect,and you certainly have my respect? Take care.
Best wishes from Paul Ryan

286.  Name: Kinh Nguyen
Sent: 21.11 - tue 27 apr 2004

285.  Name: Catherine Nguyen
Hometown: Kent, WA
Sent: 23.21 - wed 21 apr 2004

Finally, we did it.
A resolution of the city council of the city of Kent, Washington, recognizing the flag of the former Republic of Vietnam as a heritage flag of the Vietnamese-American community had singed by Mayor Jim White last night 4/20/04. My parents and I are very pleased. 
We used a lot of documents from your website to persuade the city council members to vote yes and apparently, it worked.  http://quockyvietnam.web1000.com/
Thank you for your wonderful work. We couldn't have done it without you. If there is anything I can do for your website, if so then please let me know. 
Thanks again.

284.  Name: Mike Macready
Hometown: Ayden, NC
Sent: 07.23 - fri 16 apr 2004

During the last part of 1970 and the first half of 1971 I was a member of SEAL Team One, assigned to MACSOG, Camp Fay. I was a combat advisor to one of the 4 Sea Commando Teams but cannot remember which one. The other three advisors I worked with were Gunny's Effinger, Norm Jensen and Sgt Ed Miller. I will always remember my time with the Sea Commandos.

283.  Name: Vo Trung Nhon
Hometown: Georgia
Sent: 11.56 - wed 31 mar 2004

Thuong tiec mot nguoi ban!!
Cuu Tr/Ta Phi cong Vo Trung Nhon - Phi doan Truong Phi Doan 110/SD1KQ & Phi Doan Truong PD124/SD3KQ

Mourning the lost of a friend!!
Former Vietnamese Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Vo Trung Nhon - Commander of Squadron 110, Air Division 1 and Commander of Squadron 124, Air Division 3.

282.  Name: Paul Stein
Hometown: New York
Sent: 08.41 - wed 31 mar 2004

My deepest respect for all who gave their lives and lived to tell the other side. Killing the "other side" out of arrogant fear and ignorance solves nothing. I hope we can honestly learn from each other through our strengths and weaknesses and build bridges of understanding through dialogue where none have been. We do not resolve differences of religion, race, class, or sex by eliminating it with hate. Knowledge of our histories needs to be shared so we can grow from our differences. Our greatest defense is understanding. How difficult this is when those who possess the "truth" think there truth is the only one. Oppression invites nothing but "terrorism" it seeks to eliminate with ignorance. I hope someday to visit your people and your country. PLS

281.  Name: DH
Hometown: OC
Sent: 22.55 - mon 29 mar 2004

Nhiet-liet nguong-mo cac anh-hung Biet Hai?. Lich-su QS VN khong the thieu mat quy vi.
I would like show my warmest respect to you all Sea Commandos Heros. Vietnamese Military History cannot miss your appearance.
A Refugee (HO) - DH

280.  Name: Darrell R. Obenour
Sent: 22.38 - thu 25 mar 2004

279.  Name: Catherine Nguyen
Hometown: Kent, WA
Sent: 22.07 - tue 23 mar 2004

I've been searching about my vietnamese heritage and this is a wonderful website! thanx! 

278.  Name: Nguyen Manh Cuong
Homepage: http://www.conong.com
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Sent: 17.12 - thu 18 mar 2004

Nguye^.n Anh Linh Chi' Si~ Ngo^ D-i`nh Die^.m phu` tro+. cuo^.c d-a^'u tranh cho Tu+. Do Da^n Chu?, tie^u die^.t Co^.ng Sa?n ta.i Vie^.t Nam!

I pray that President Ngo Dinh Diem spirit would guide and help our cause in fighting for Freedom and Democracy to bring down the Communist Party in Vietnam!

277.  Name: Viet Si
Sent: 23.27 - wed 17 mar 2004

Nhung tam hinh va tai lieu anh suu tam va luu tru dduoc rat quy gia va co gia tri quan trong ve phuong dien lich su. Xin co loi hoan ho cong trinh vi ddai cua anh. 

The pictures and articles you have collected here are invaluable and have great historical importance. I recognize your great effort in this.

276.  Name: Chris Mock
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Sent: 09.37 - wed 17 mar 2004

I am trying to get military records concerning my late husband Vernon Mock. He was in Vietnam in 68 & 69, 82nd Airborne, Ranger, 5th Special Forces, MACVSOG. I am already working with VetRecs and Dan Burton (Indiana Congressman ). I have a picture of his Ateam (below). I have the names for 5 of the six men : Dick Meadows, CL Chapman, Mike Buckley, Clarence Dodge, and Vernon Mock. Vernon is the very handsome squatting person with his thumb in the air. CL Chapman is the man standing up behind Vernon.

Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.  If you could also pass this around to your Vietnam friends, I would deeply appreciate it.
Chris Gardner Mock - humifish@msn.com

You have the picture on your web site: Nha Ky Thuat and MACVSOG Recon Teams (RTs) operated from Da Nang (CCN), Nha Trang (CCC), and Komtum (CCS) on missions along Ho Chi Minh trail deep inside Laos border. Colonel Linh commanded Special Mission Service (SMS) from 1970 through 1972. 

275.  Name: Tran Van Chi'nh
Hometown: Irving , Texas 75062
Sent: 20.25 - fri 27 feb 2004

Nhi`n nhu*~ng hi`nh a?nh cu?a mo^.t qu'a khu*' dda'ng ye^u cu?a DDa^'t nu*o*'c Viet Nam. Tha^.t la` dda'ng ha^.n cho nhu*~ng con ngu*o*`i pha?n chu?, la`m to^i mo.i ngoa.i nha^n. DDe^? ba^y gio*` ra no^ng no^?i na`y. Tran Van Chi'nh

Seeing pictures of the lovely past of Vietnam, our country. We must not forget those who betrayed our country, became servants to foreign powers, and brought our country to the sad state that it is today. Tran Van Chinh.

274.  Name: Gene Lefebvre
Hometown: Formerly 'Da Bronx'
Sent: 12.41 - mon 23 feb 2004

God bless all who served others.

273.  Name: Daniel M. Potter, Jr.
Hometown: Pine Bluff, AR USA
Sent: 21.08 - sat 21 feb 2004

I was looking for any information on Col. Magnus L. Smith, who was Group II commander special operations, White Star, Laos in Dec 1959 to June 1960. He is my uncle. I am looking for any information you may have about him and his service during this time. I also had 3 tours of duty in Vietnam from May 1968 to Aug 1970. I feel we both played a part in trying help keep a country free, like this great man we were fighting for freedom also. 
May he rest in peace.

272.  Name: Hien Nguyen
Hometown: (Binh Thuan, VN) Hesperia, CA USA
Sent: 18.30 - tue 17 feb 2004

I was 5 years old, when I heard people in the Tran Binh Trong Camp, GoVap, who told my mother "They kill the President Diem already". Every year on the day of Nov. 1st, I remember him (President Diem and his brother) who looked like the Vietnamese Democracy Father to me. He stood-up for his believe and protected his people and die for them. Those Generals were ashamed, who sold their visioner (President Diem), to the CIA, which it was hungry for powers, selfish, greedy and corrupted any nations it wanted to benefit itself. Should we bring these Generals to the justice, because their hands helped to collapse to the South Viet Nam?

Rest In Peace, those who died for their country. 
President Diem, your soul will always protect our nation.

271.  Name: Larry Hadzima
Hometown: Neillsville, Wisconsin
Sent:08.13 - tue 17 feb 2004

A magnificient work. You, sir, are to be congradulated.
I am currently seeking information on a book titled "Hoi Ky 25 Nam Khoi Lua" written by General Ly Tong Ba. I have a copy of the book written in the Vietnamese language. I am seeking an English translation of what appears to be a most interesting book. In 1966 and part of 1967 I was stationed at Cu Chi with the 25th US Infantry Division and in 1968 I was in Cam Lo - Dong Ha - Gia Linh area of Quang Tri Province. 
I am currently trying to write a work detailing the involvement of certain news reporters and their influance and intent on having President Diem removed from the Presidency. At the website www.bobcat.ws there is a history of the 1st Bn.(M) 5th Infantry and their time in Vietnam that I wrote.
Finally, I am amazed, that in the political climate of an election year in the US where argument is being made about the Vietnam service of two candidates, there is no mention of the tremendous sacrifice of the people and soldiers of South Vietnam in their attempt to remain free of Communist Domination. I for one think that the US betrayed the brave people of South Vietnam and for that I would like to offer my humble apology, for whatever its worth.
Larry Hadzima

270.  Name: A. Pham Tuong
Hometown: USA
Sent: 08.52 - tue 17 feb 2004

Xin chao anh Ngo Xuan Hung
Website cua anh rat huu ich cho nhieu khia canh, tu lich su den nhung bien chuyen chinh tri lien quan den To Quoc.
Dac biet phan danh sach nhung city resolutions cong nhan quoc ky VNCH vo cung huu ich vi do se la nhung reference rat manh khi van dong voi nhung city con chua co resolution. Cong cua anh suu tap va post len nhung copy cua resolution giup rat nhieu nguoi dang van dong cho chien dich cong nhan quoc ky VNCH, trong do co toi. Cam on anh Hung.
PhamTuong Anh

Dear Mr. Ngo Xuan Hung
Your website is very useful to serve many purposes, from history to recent changes in politics relating to our Beloved Nation.
Specially your list of City and State Resolutions recognizing the Vietnamese National Flag, it is so useful because it is a complete reference for campaigning at other cities that have not had such resolution. Your effort in collecting and providing these resolution really help many others who are working hard toward passing other resolutions, including me. Thank you Mr. Hung.
Pham Tuong Anh

269.  Name: Francois Buis
Hometown: Dagneux - France
Sent: 04.30 - sun 8 feb 2004

The picture "t_phantuong1.jpg" shown some ARVN general in the index page of your website, the unknown colonel is the Colonel Nguyen-Van-Y, Chief of the Saigon Police Staff - the picture had taken few days before the military junte in 1963 (may be the last october 26th, 1963), Colonel Y was put in jail by the three generals in this picture. Fbuis.

268.  Name: SGM Roger C. Westman (Ret.)
Hometown: DuPont, WA
Sent: 18.54 - tue 3 feb 2004

With respectful acknowledgement and a deep appreciation to all who gave their lives safeguarding our freedoms and preserving our democracy.

267.  Name: Trung Chi Nguyen
Hometown: Norway
Sent: 06.58 - mon 2 feb 2004

Ne^'u kho^ng co' nhu+~ng trang web na`y, cha('c co' le? to^i cu~ng kho^ng bao gio+`bie^'t dde^'n li.ch su+? Vietnam tru+'o+c na(m 1975. Tuy to'm ta('t va` nga('n go.n, nhu+ng cu~ng la`m cho to^i hie^?u sa^u xa qua' tri`nh li.ch su+? die^?n bie^'n trong tho+`i gian ddo'. Ca`ng ddo.c to^i ca`ng co' thie^.n tinh` ddo^'i vo+'i vi. TT Die^.m, mo^t ngu+`o+i vi` nu+o+'c vi` da^n ma` hy sinh ca? cuo^.c ddo+i` mi`nh cho mie^`n Nam Vietnam, ma(.c du` o^ng la?nh dda.o chi? ddu+o+.c 9 na(m, nhu+ng cu~ng la`m nhie^`u ngu+o+`i tha`nh ki'nh nghi? dde^'n o^ng suo^'t ma^'y chu.c na(m qua.

Cuo^'i cu`ng, chu'c ca'c ba.n ddu+o+.c nhie^`u tha`nh co^ng ho+n trong qua' tri`nh ddo'ng go'p co' hu+?u i'ch cho ne^`n va(n ho'a Vietnam nu+o+'c ta.

If not for these webpages, perhaps I would never know enough of the history of Vietnam before 1975. Though short and brief, it helped me understand more of what was going on during that period. The more I read, the more I admire President Ngo Dinh Diem, a man who dedicated his life for our Nation and its people. Even though he lead only 9 years, his legacy remains, and people still think of him after four decades.

Finally, I wish the webmaster more success in continuing your contribution to future Vietnamese Culture.

266.  Name: Leslie Swalley
Hometown: Lakewood, WA
Sent: 14.17 - wed 28 jan 2004

Congratulations that the beautiful yellow flag with red stripes of Free Vietnam is now recognized by so many cities, as well as by the Pierce County Council. People who have lived under repression understand clearly how precious freedom is. Thank you for your hard work and organization in bringing to our attention this important message! We enjoyed meeting and working with all of you.

265.  Name: Ken & Hilde White
Hometown: DuPont
Sent: 13.54 - wed 28 jan 2004

264.  Name: John Pham
Hometown: Los Angeles
Sent:11.17 - wed 28 jan 2004


263.  Name: Dick Muri
Homepage: http://www.dickmuri.com
Hometown: www.dickmuri.com
Sent: 08.26 - wed 28 jan 2004

Freedom is not free. We must fight oppression of those freedoms endowed by our creator as outlined in our constitution. We need to continue this battle by the continuos education of our fellow citizens and by casting our ballots for candidates for political office who embrace our ideals. Thank you for all your efforts and I will tell others about your web site.

262.  Name: Quyen Vu
Hometown: Odense
Sent: 00.27 - wed 28 jan 2004


Salute to the ARVN Soldiers and concern for our disabled Veterans and the widows and orphans of the Army of Republic of Vietnam. 

261.  Name: Dang My Dung
Homepage: http://www.yungkrall.com
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Sent: 20.26 - sun 25 jan 2004

I live...because you served.
Thank you for your sacrifices.
Dang My Dung aka Yung Krall

260.  Name: Khai Tran
Hometown: Holland
Sent: 18.52 - mon 12 jan 2004

Doi doi nho on chien si Viet Nam Cong Hoa.

Forever in debt and remembering the Army of Republic of Viet Nam (ARVN) soldiers.

259.  Name: Nong The Phong
Hometown: California
Sent: 10.58 - thu 8 jan 2004

Kinh thua cac Chu, Bac. Ba cua chung chau la Nong An Pang vua ta the ngay 12/26/2003. Hom lam le Phu co`, co thay doc tieu su cua Bo chung chau . Nay chung chau xin cac Chu, Bac nao co tai lieu do, hoac nhung tai lieu, ky niem nao voi Bo cua chung chau, xin vui long chia se, cho chung chau co the on lai quang doi binh nghiep oai hung cua nguoi Cha yeu dau . Suot cuoc doi, Bo chau thuong chi im lang va chua he noi gi ve nhung cong viec ma Bo chau da lam trong cong viec phuc vu va bao ve dat nuoc ca. 

Mot lan nua , chung chau thay mat toan gia dinh ,xin cac Chu, Bac ,neu co tin tuc ,tai lieu hay bai vo nao noi den quang doi binh nghiep va cong tac cua Bo chau , xin lien lac cho chung chau tai so nha : 7482 Corona Valley Ave, Corona , CA 92880

So phone de lien lac la : 909-808-0176 (Home) va 714-839-2614(Home) va 714-200-8882 ( Cell)
Neu co the, xin cac Chu ,Bac lien lac voi chung chau qua dia chi Email : langson2000@yahoo.com

Chung chau xin Cam on that nhieu

Nong The Phong

258.  Name: SGM Herb Friedman (Ret.)
Hometown: Bellmore NY
Sent: 20.06 - fri 2 jan 2004

A very nice site. I am writing an article on the Sacred Sword of the Patriotic League and found some wonderful data on your site. If any readers would care to share any memories or anecdotes about this operations, I would love to hear from you.

257.  Name: ChimVietCanhNam
Hometown: VA, USA
Sent: 18.49 - fri 2 jan 2004

Thành kính tri ơn những chiến sỉ Việt Nam tự do đă hy sinh để tổ quốc Việt Nam , dân tộc Việt Nam tồn tại.

Như những chế độ bạo tàn đă qua trong lịch sử, chế độ phi nhân hiện nay ở nước ta sẻ bị đẩy lùi vào bóng đêm. Mong ước trong một ngày không xa trong tương lai con em chúng ta sẻ cùng chung sức xây dựng một nước Việt Nam tự do, độc lập, hùng cường, và đầy t́nh nhân ái, xứng danh ṇi giống Lạc Hồng.

Sincere gratitude and paying respect to the ARVN Soldiers for your sacrifice to serve Motherland Vietnam and for future Vietnamese generations.

Just like those cruel regimes in past history, the inhumane communist regime in Vietnam will be pushed into oblivion. I wish that in the very near future, the younger generations will together build a free, independent and strong Vietnam with brother love, to proudly be the descendants of Lac Hong origin.





Việt Nam Cộng Ḥa Muôn Năm


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